Welcome to Carley’s Rays of Hope

The parents of Carley Rae McMaster, Scott & Vindi McMaster of Aiken, South Carolina established “Carley’s Rays of Hope” in her loving memory. Carley was diagnosed in November 2005 with an Ependymoma brain tumor, just one month shy of her 8th birthday. During her three year fight, Carley possessed a spirited and deep compassion for others affected by cancer. Unfortunately, in December of 2008 Carley’s battle with the brain tumor came to an end.

Established February 3, 2010 when her parents partnered with The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, Carley’s Rays of Hope provides financial assistance, emotional and spiritual support as well as information to families of children in South Carolina with brain and spinal cord tumors. We hope to positively impact and raise awareness regarding the various childhood cancers affecting the brain and spinal cord, and advocate on behalf of children affected.

Providing hope for children in South Carolina
with brain & spinal cord tumors