About Us

The Carley’s Rays of Hope originated from our life changing experiences regarding our daughter Carley McMaster, who was diagnosed with an ependymoma brain stem tumor in November 2005. Over the span of three years, Carley endured five separate strokes and was involved in extensive rehabilitation therapy having to relearn abilities we take for granted like eating, walking and talking,….to name a few. There were numerous rounds of chemo and radiation treatments, not to mention the countless doctors’ visits. Carley survived three major surgeries and had to deal with losing part of the sight in her right eye as well as complete hearing loss in her right ear. At each stage of this fight Carley never quit, guided by an unyielding faith in God. Thankfully, we as her parents were able to be an active voice in her care and well being. For other children however, going through similar circumstances in the battle for their lives against cancer an advocate was visibly absent. These parents and caregivers simply didn’t know where or how to facilitate the process in assisting their child. Many families were mentally and spiritually deflated. For some families there were gaps in insurance, lost jobs because of care giving, missed mortgage payments, not enough money to buy gas for trips to and from clinics and hospitals. Worse yet, sometimes there was no money to provide a few of these children with the medicine they needed to help them get better. We saw it too many times and wondered why we were so blessed that people funded our needs and gave us direction over and over again. Why had we been spared when others were not?

On February 3, 2010 we partnered with The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children because we felt a strong desire and compassion to help in some small way, other families who are facing similar challenges involving a child with a brain and/or spinal cord tumor. The BTFC is located in Georgia, and has been making a difference to families since 1983. We established Carley’s Rays of Hope Memorial Fund here in Aiken, South Carolina as an extension of the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc. to “provide hope for children in South Carolina with brain and spinal cord tumors”.

It is our mission to not only help educate but to help with the many needs financially, emotionally and spiritually that these families face. There are many needs, so if in some small way we can contribute with a “positive impact”, then we’ve kept our pledge. With your help, we can provide hope to others!

Carley’s Rays of Hope Memorial Fund is a South Carolina extension of the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc.

To learn more, go to www.BrainTumorKids.org

Carley’s Rays of Hope Memorial Fund of the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc.

Mission Statement:
To make a positive impact in South Carolina through time, donations and love, in the lives of those who suffer from the devastating effects directly, or as caregivers, of brain and spinal cancer. With this impact we hope to raise public awareness of the various childhood cancers affecting the brain and spinal cord and advocate on behalf of those children affected.